I Got a Job Today

Hi Everyone. I got a job today.

A good job.

It will be hard. It will be so hard that I may cry in the bathroom at some point (probably many points) and have bloodshot eyes from sleep deprivation and three empty coffee mugs on my desk at the end of one school day and I may stop brushing my hair in the morning out of pure exhaustion. But. Alas.

I have a job. And it is a beautiful thing.

The job itself, in all of its intensity, is gorgeous. I almost said no out of the fear of working ten+ hour days and commuting to southeast San Francisco and not knowing if I have the kind of grit in me that I will be asking my students to have. But I said yes. Because I know I do.

I will wake up and go to work and have my own classroom and students will come by in the morning and say “Good morning, Ms. McCracken.” And I will say hello back and smile from my heart up to my eyebrows because I will feel so full of love and of hope and of purpose.

I have a job. And it is a beautiful, wonderful, can’t-tell-if-I-want-to-cry-or-scream and whereismymomIwanttohugher kind of a thing.

What did you do today?