Catch and Release

This is the dating crisis. I hear women saying there are “no men”. “Where are all the men?” they say. Ahh! But there are plenty of men. Plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. But now, with Hinge and Tinder and Amber and Diamond in the Rough ( I made up those last two), the depth is quickly dwindling. The breadth is so vast- we can see a new person every couple of minutes, or even seconds- but does this call for our generational ADHD to kick in full force? Oh! Something shiny! Oh! But this one’s got big boobs! Does our continuous, constant search to find someone make us superficial, even if the intentions are all pure? You match with someone. Yay! They message you… but do you message back? What if they’re not as cute as you thought they were, or you are already talking to someone else? Do you have an obligation to talk to this person, since you already gave him or her the green light?

It’s like when you make eye contact with someone at a bar. You were just checking them out to see if you liked what you saw, but then they looked back, and now you aren’t sure if you liked what you saw but you gave them the universal sign of “i’m into you” and SHIT they’re walking over and now you have to talk to them where are your girlfriends help help help. Is it the same with social media dating? What is the etiquette? There is one thing I hate more than being rejected, and that is rejecting someone. It sucks. It sucks it sucks it sucks. And it happens more and more with the ever expanding¬† “Your Matches” lists we have and I don’t know if I can do it anymore.

But then you get that notification that someone likes you and it makes it just too sweet and sugary so you hold off on pressing that little “X” in the corner of the App Icon because come on who doesn’t like a little attention now and then… UGH. I’m exhausted. I love meeting people, I hate the process. I hate having to close the door when you think someone is awesome but then you think someone else is equally awesome (or maybe neither is mind-blowingly awesome?How can you tell?) and which door do you close?

Run on sentences. Don’t tell anyone I’m a teacher.