Swimming, swimming, swimming.

Ugh. Once I took a creative writing class and I think I was twelve years old or something like that and we did this thing called “swimming” .

Also known as a Quick Write, the idea of swimming is that you are not underanycircumstancessupposedtosetyourpencildown. Or breathe.

Just kidding. You can breathe. Swimming is supposed to free writers of writer’s block because you just practice writing and keep going.


Is this helping? Is this boring? Help. Help you help me help you.

They say I can visualize the writer’s block actually peeling itself out of my writing brain but my writing brain is pretty set on the idea of having no ideas and what can I do but just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimmingswimmingswimming.

Hope you got the Finding Nemo reference. Stay tuned, I have faith if you have faith that the ideas will



Happy New Year!

One thought on “Swimming, swimming, swimming.

  1. swimming is a great analogy! freestyle? backstroke? butterfly? breast? The idea is to write, just write. I am trying to write minimum of 50 words a day. Got to have a number goal. Keep it up!

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