Women Against Women?


So.. this is a thing now. Apparently. #womenagainstfeminism is an actual hashtag, with an actual movement attached to it that is sweeping social media and the nation. 

Okay. Deep breath…

I am sure you will be please to hear that I am not taking this as an opportunity to go on some feminist rant about how these women have it all wrong. Because it does make me feel a little oh darn-you-really-don’t-get it-do-you? inside, but alas that is not the black hole I want to slip into right now. So, all I will say is…

GOOD GOD. CAN EVERYONE PLEASE CALM THE F DOWN ALREADY PLEASE? Is it just me or is everyone all of a sudden so much more opinionated these days? I could be taking crazy pills, but  It seems with so much social media, people feel much more liberated in their ability to speak up, and they often take it too far. Not to mention, why are people always speaking up against something? In this example, why not speaking up for women, along with men, transgenders, and everyone in between?

You know who the worst offenders against women? Women. I mean really, all this attacking each other and using words like “slut” and “bitch”. At what point do we cut the bullshit and just say ‘to each their own’?  After all, feminism is just a word. Its a label. When I think of what feminism means to me, I think of women (those who identify as women) bringing other women up, and joining in a sense of solidarity and strength. Not victimizing ourselves or trying to rally up and hang all the men in town. Ladies, you don’t need to “choose a team” and bash the women on the other side of the fence. Oh gosh. Here I am doing what I said I wouldn’t do, so with that, I say…

To all women, to all men, to all creatures of the world: Namaste. 

Shit. Now I sound like a damn hippie. 

One thought on “Women Against Women?

  1. I don’t like you calling yourself a “mess of a person”. You are one of the least mess of a person I know! You are focused, caring, smart, funny, articulate, etc… so STOP with the deprecating shit!!!

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